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About Concentrated Liquidity

Automated Market Making (AMM)

As an automated market-making platform, Turbos’ primary function is to facilitate the swapping of token pairs and liquidity provision.
Sui Network's non-custodial nature, which allows users to trade tokens without intermediaries or high fees, is a perfect fit for Turbos Finance. This is because Turbos Finance also maintains minimal trading fees, which are fully distributed among liquidity providers, incentivizing them to maintain liquidity depth and offer the best prices available. Such a seamless and cost-effective trading experience would benefit all users of the platform.

Concentrated Liquidity

Our concentrated liquidity represents a paradigm shift in AMM mechanism. Liquidity providers (LPs) can provide liquidity with capital efficiency, resulting in higher ROIs for their invested capital.
Our capital efficiency model results in ultra-low slippage trade execution that can outperform both centralized exchanges and stableswaps. Furthermore, our LPs can increase their exposure to preferred assets while simultaneously reducing their downside risk, making our platform a highly attractive option for experienced traders and investors alike.
Additionally, our LPs can sell one asset for another by adding liquidity to a price range entirely above or below the market price, approximating a fee-earning limit order that executes along a smooth curve. This affords LPs greater flexibility in executing their trades while optimizing their earnings potential.