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Price Tick

The price tick refers to the minimum price movement that the liquidity range can be adjusted by. Turbos Finance allows LPs to set their desired price tick, giving them control over the granularity of the price range. This flexibility enables LPs to optimize their liquidity provision strategy according to market conditions.

Price Bin

A price bin is a specific segment within the overall price range. LPs can divide the price range into multiple bins, each representing a different segment of the liquidity provision. By customizing the price bins, LPs can effectively allocate their liquidity across different price ranges, optimizing their exposure to various market conditions.

Liquidity Fees

Turbos Finance incentivizes LPs with liquidity fees. These fees are generated through trading activity within the price range provided by the LPs. By concentrating liquidity, LPs have the potential to earn higher fees compared to traditional automated market makers (AMMs). The fees earned by LPs reflect their contribution to the liquidity provision and can serve as a reward for their participation.

Impermanent Loss Mitigation

Concentrated Liquidity also aims to mitigate impermanent loss, a common concern for LPs. By allowing LPs to focus their liquidity provision within a specific price range, Turbos Finance reduces the potential impact of large price movements outside of the chosen range. This mitigates the effects of impermanent loss, providing LPs with a more stable and predictable earning potential.

Customization and Flexibility

Concentrated Liquidity on Turbos Finance provides LPs with customization and flexibility in managing their liquidity positions. LPs can adjust the price range, price tick, and price bins to align with their risk appetite and trading strategies. This level of customization empowers LPs to optimize their liquidity provision and potentially maximize their returns.
Through the concept of concentrated liquidity, Turbos Finance revolutionizes the decentralized exchange landscape by offering LPs greater control, customization, and potential for higher earnings. By understanding and utilizing the features within concentrated liquidity, LPs can enhance their liquidity provision strategies and actively participate in the growth of the Turbos Finance ecosystem.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Turbos does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees other than the mandatory network fees.