About Turbos Finance

A non-custodial decentralized exchange built on Sui
Turbos Finance is a non-custodial and hyper-efficient decentralized exchange (DEX). Built on Sui, Turbos brings a universal notion of digital asset ownership and unprecedent horizontal scalability to decentralized finance (DeFi).
Founded in June 2022, Turbos is supported by Mysten Labs and is backed by experts in DeFi and cryptocurrency trading, including Jump.
Turbos’ mission is to make DeFi accessible to the next billion Web3 users and to serve as a pivot between Sui ecosystem projects and the market.

Our Value Propositions

We aspire to build a robust public infrastructure in the Sui Network. The central piece is the concentrated liquidity AMM with sophisticated fees structure.

Maximize Capital Efficiency

We revolutionize decentralized trading by popularizing the concept of concentrated liquidity. Our platform achieves a higher degree of capital efficiency by reducing the trading range in which liquidity is provided, effectively eliminating unused collateral and maximizing the potential for returns.

Enable Dynamic Asset Management

Our platform is designed to give liquidity providers with complete autonomy over the trading price range of their assets. With our flexible price range management rools, LPs will have the flexibility to adjust price range as needed to adapt the dynamic market conditions.

Streamlined Trading at Your Fingertips

Our dApp is designed to make trading as simple and intuitive as possible. With a minimalist design and user-friendly UI/UX features, you'll have all the tools you need to navigate our concentrated liquidity model with ease. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, our platform is built to help you achieve your goals without any unnecessary complications.